Masonic Scholarships

At its core Freemasonry is knowledge. Freemasons are taught to seek ‘light’ or knowledge throughout their lives in order to build a better world for themselves and all humanity. And, there is no greater calling than to aid those who themselves are in search of knowledge.

In 2000 Grand Master Charles Cathey initiated a drive to raise money for scholarships that could be awarded to deserving North Carolina students. The Freemasons of North Carolina generously supported Past Grand Master Cathey’s call to help send graduating high school seniors to college. For his tireless efforts to educate the youth of North Carolina, the scholarship program begun by Charles Cathey now honorably bears his name.

If you were unable to take the SAT, ACT, or other collegiate entry-level exam due to COVID-19, please indicate as much on your application.Candidates will not be penalized for this omission.

The 2024 application period for the Charles Edward Cathey Scholarship is open. Please visit the application to view instructions for submittal. All applicants must submit all required documents by April 1, 2024.

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