The Masonic Home for Children Celebrates 150 Years

For race day merchandise, including T-shirts and hats please visit the link at at The Racing Warehouse. All proceeds will benefit the Masonic Home For Children at Oxford. And look for additional items related to the car coming soon.


To those who participated in our special charity auction for the MHCO 150th Anniversary!

Mark your calendar for SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 for a last-chance charity raffle for the remaining historic memorabilia from the No. 51 MHCO race car. Tickets are $25 each and limited to 300. Drawing to be held October 14, 2023 at MHCO. Contact for more information!

All proceeds from the auction and donations will support the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford.

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Our Purpose

MHCO exists for one purpose — to help children who need a stable, caring and loving home. We do not replace a family — we provide. We teach, guide, nurture, and share, focusing on life both at and after MHCO, so we can help a child determine his or her own path for the future. Our state licensed and nationally accredited home uses a family-living model that provides our children with individual living spaces, essentials needed for daily living, support if they have special needs, and a promise for full development and learning, from infant to young adulthood. Learn More

Donor Story

Marty Hunt wasn’t a man who relished being in the limelight. In fact, he’d just as soon you not even know he was involved whenever (and there were many “whenevers”) he was involved in doing good for others.

His Masonic brother, Jimmy Moore, is the same way. The two men -- competitors in business – were inseparable in their friendship, their Masonry, their love of a fast Harley and a faster race car, and their deep desire to do some good for the kids at the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford (MHCO).

And do something good they have. On May 17, Jimmy and his wife Beverly, and Bonnie Hunt, widow of Marty, who passed away suddenly last December, will unveil a gift designed not only to raise money for the home’s 150th anniversary – but to raise awareness that children in need of hope, support and love can find a safe haven and a happy home-away-from-home at MHCO.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series #51 car – to be driven by Jeremy Clements – will be wrapped in the MHCO anniversary logo. The logo also will appear on the hood, as well as on the deck lid, and on the firesuit and helmet Clements will wear when he races on May 27 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The hood, deck lid, fire suit, helmet (replica) and other race related items, including a trip to the track on race day, will be auctioned off to raise money for the home. With the support of Gregory Farms of Currie, NC a limited production of commemorative wine featuring the MHCO anniversary logo and its story on the label will also be part of this special sponsorship.What started out as a great idea concocted by two friends trying to find a clever way to support the home during its 150th Anniversary, will also in some ways, be a memorial to Worshipful Brother Hunt, who was loved and revered by his brothers at Ashlar #765 and Wilmington #319 – and other brothers across the state.

For WB Marty Hunt, living his Masonry was everything, his wife Bonnie says.

“He wasn’t one to want acknowledgement or recognition for anything he was doing, so for him, shining light on the children’s home was what it was all about. He did this because it needed to be done. Because he was a Mason and Masons do what needs to be done.”

WB Jimmy Moore could not agree more.

“From day one, we did everything together. We became brothers,” he says. “I became a Mason because Marty was a Mason. I mean if Masonry was good for him, it was good for me. It started as a place we would hang out together, but Masonry grew to become more for both of us.”

Bonnie and Beverly Moore became fast friends as well. The four traveled the world together, and became huge race fans in recent years. That’s where Marty and Jimmy got the idea to sponsor a car, auction the fun stuff after the race, and bring notice to the home during its very special anniversary.

While the Moores and the Hunts like to give from behind the scenes, they hope brother Masons and all people interested will take some time to discern the best way they can give. It doesn’t have to be a race car. It can be a recurring gift, a one-time check, a reference in their planned giving through a will or bequest or a load of supplies for the cottages.

Any gift of any size is welcome – and needed to keep MHCO strong and secure to weather whatever comes next. MHCO has cared for thousands of children in its 150 years, starting out as a post-Civil War orphanage and throughout time evolving into a modern residential care home with an independent living program, funded primarily by Masonic donations.

“Why should people give? I think people give – we give – because our gift is needed and hopefully, to set an example that may make others strive to give as well, and to bring awareness,” Bonnie Hunt says.

Brother Jimmy answers that question with one of his own.

“My question is, why would you not give? If you can if you are fortunate, as we are, to be able to give, why would you not?”

About Jeremy Clements

Jeremy Clements is carrying on a family tradition long rooted in NASCAR. He is the grandson of famed NASCAR owner and renowned engine builder, Crawford Clements. Jeremy’s uncle, Louis Clements, was a Championship Crew Chief with Rex White. Together, Crawford and Louis spent over 25 years making history with their engine development programs and ownership of race cars. Learn More