By Beth Grace


As the old saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men soon go awry. The plans we all had for 2020 have gone by the wayside as we fight the coronavirus, while huddling in isolation and waiting for an “all clear” signal.

As hard as this year has been on everyone, it has been arguably harder on our charities, which have made heroic efforts to protect our children in Oxford and our senior brothers and sisters in Greensboro.

Both organizations have had to restructure how they do business, how they serve their residents, how they fight an invisible enemy and how they maintain some semblance of a budget. Meanwhile, fund- raisers our lodges traditionally hold on their behalf all year have been cancelled; many not to be rescheduled.

So, in consultation with lodge Masters and others, NCMF in August will bring back a tradition designed to help lodges that opt in get the word out about giving in hard times.

For each lodge that accepts, NCMF offers to produce, print and mail a letter signed by the Master to brothers of

that lodge asking them to consider a gift to our charities to help make up for the loss of fundraisers.

It’s a turnkey program that takes but a minute to accept. We’ll be emailing details to each District Deputy Grand Master, who will contact masters of lodges in their district. We do the rest – and our charities benefit!

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