The 2021 Lion and Pillar Lodge of Excellence Program Standard Program

Work for the 2021 program receives credit for all items

beginning July 1, 2020, and ending June 30, 2021.

Category 1 Education (Complete 3 of 8 items)

1. Implement the Lodge System of Masonic Instruction as a subordinate lodge or as a district, with participating lodges receiving credit. DDGMs will certify lodge participation.

2. Host a speaker from the Grand Lodge Speaker’s Bureau, a member of the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education, a faculty member from Wilkerson College, a faculty member from the Davie Academy or a faculty member from the Middle Chamber for a program at a stated communication.

3. Have a deacon graduate from Wilkerson College.*

4. Have a member complete a Davie Academy session.

5. Have a member complete a Middle Chamber session.*

6. Establish a Masonic Book Club for the lodge and have members regularly provide a review and/or personal reflection of a book on Masonic Ritual, Symbolism, or Philosophy.

7. As a regular part of the stated communication of the lodge, have a member read a portion of the ritual, invite the brethren in attendance to contemplate and discuss what it means, and encourage them to consider it at a deeper, more personal level.

8. Document that three lodge members have viewed videos produced by The Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education, Wilkerson College, Davie Academy, or Middle Chamber. (May view and document two videos maximum for two credits in this category.)

* Starred items count double if it is the lodge’s first time participating in the program.

Category 2 Patriotism (Complete 5 of 9 items)

1. Organize a lodge visit to veterans in a nursing home. Do not limit visits to Masonic veterans.

2. Visit veterans in a Veterans Administration hospital in Salisbury, Fayetteville, Durham or Asheville.

3. Contact and offer to assist the local Masonic Service Association of North America (MSANA) Hospital Visitation volunteer in a VA hospital.

4. Host a member of the National Sojourners for a program.

5. Host a non-Mason veteran for a program.

6. Hold a Masonic education program on the MSANA’s Hospital Visitation and Disaster Relief initiatives.

7. Host a meal for veterans and active military personnel at your lodge, separate from a regular stated meeting. Include non-Masonic veterans, active military personnel and local high school youth/JROTC interested in military careers at this event.

8. Support a “Wreaths Across America” or similar veterans projects.

9. Document that three lodge members have viewed videos produced by the Lion and Pillar Team on:

  1. Our VA Hospital Visitation Program
  2. Masonic Service Association of North America
  3. National Sojourners
  4. George Washington National Memorial in Alexandria

(Must view and document all videos for two credits in this category. May view and document two videos for one credit )

Category 3 Philanthropy (Complete #1 and 3 others of items 2-6)

1. Set a goal to contribute an average of $5 per member to (each) Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, North Carolina Masonic Foundation, and MESH Foundation LLC (which benefits qualified Masonic and OES residents at WhiteStone) between July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. Document contributions and send copies of checks with your application to expedite the approval process. (NOTE: Community charitable projects are covered under Category 5)

2.. Host a North Carolina Masonic Foundation development officer for a program at a stated communication or attend the Davie Academy session on philanthropy.

3. Host a MHCO or WhiteStone development officer for a program

4. Hold a lodge meeting at WhiteStone or MHCO under dispensation from the Grand Master, and schedule a tour of the home, meeting with the director or his designee, and visits with residents.

5. Assist a brother or his widow in getting financial assistance from the MESH LLC Outreach program (336-601-5593).

6. Either:

(a) contact the Masonic Home for Children and agree to sponsor a cottage for Christmas or a summer trip or

(b) contact WhiteStone and agree to sponsor a resident receiving financial assistance for a minimum of one year.

The Masonic Home for Children and WhiteStone will provide the lodge with the information related to the financial obligations necessary to complete this item.

Category 4 Masonic Membership (Complete #1 and 4 others of items 2-11)

1. Contact 50 percent or more of the inactive brothers in your lodge, a minimum of once per year, either by phone (voice contact, voice messages do not count) or make a visit to their residence. An inactive member for this purpose is any member who has not attended a meeting within a 12-month period. Provide a list of names and dates when contacted.

2. Hold an appreciation dinner for lodge families and widows.

3. Identify and contact widows, by phone or visitation, at least two times prior to June 30, 2021. Provide any assistance they may need and record the nature and outcome of the outreach. **See calling tree sample or contact Lion and Pillar Team.**

4. Confirm valid email addresses, phone numbers, and occupation information in MORI for at least 75 percent of lodge members.

5. Adopt and use the Our Lodge Page function in MORI. Hold a Masonic education program to explain OLP to members.

6. Help plan and participate in a districtwide event such as a fundraiser for Masonic charities, a Masonic education event (not including a School of Instruction, Lecture Service or Grand Master district meeting), a districtwide degree, a districtwide funeral service, a districtwide fellowship dinner with Masonic education speaker, or a districtwide community service project.

7. Engage new brethren at the lodge or district level. Form an Under 5-degree team consisting of Masons with less than five years in the Craft or require new members to deliver papers or Masonic education programs within three months of raising.

8. Plan an observance of the Feast of St. John the Baptist on or near June 23 as a lodge or a district, with a meal and Masonic speaker. Submit your event announcement, flyer or other advance event publicity to qualify.

9. Host a member of the Grand Lodge Masonic Renewal Committee for a program.

10. Implement an innovative use of technology in the lodge. For purposes of the Lion & Pillar award, “innovative” is defined as utilizing any form of technology that is not presently in use in the lodge. For example, if a lodge does not currently use a laptop and projector for presentations in the lodge, adding and using those items will constitute an innovative use of technology, since it will be new to the lodge.

11. Attempt to contact all “unfinished work” from the prior three years, determine why they haven’t continued, and report findings as part of the final application materials for the Lion & Pillar award.

Category 5 Affiliated Connections (Complete 4 of 13 items)

1. Host an appreciation meal for local firefighters, police officers and/or rescue personnel/EMTs as a district or lodge.

2. Hold a lodge Open House and invite the community.

3. Contribute a minimum of $5 per member to support a charitable cause in your local community.

4. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity Program in your community by providing labor to support one of their projects. (Monetary donations do not count towards this item.)

5. Partner with a local public school on literacy. Read to students, contribute to a school library or book drive, or establish a Bikes for Books-type reading reward program as a lodge or district (www.masoniccharitablefoundation.org/programs/Masonic-bikes- books/).

6. Grow the Masonic family by having at least one lodge member join the York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shrine, Order of the Eastern Star or Amaranth, or contribute to the formation of, or support for existing DeMolay or Rainbow Girls organizations in your lodge or district.

7. Utilize the MHCO Print Shop for printing requirements in your lodge or a District event coordinated by your lodge.

8. Sponsor a Blood drive in your community.

9. Sponsor a cooking team for the MHCO Homecoming Festival or the Pig Jig.

10. Sponsor a youth organization (Little League, Soccer, Volleyball, etc.) in your community. This will count two items in 2021.

11. Attend a Masonic and/or Eastern Star function at Camp Gray Rock.

12. Support a School Project, “Stuff the Bus”, “Backpack" program for summer food support to the needy or other similar programs.

13. Be creative. Submit an idea to the Lion and Pillar Team for approval that will let the community know the lodge is present and active. If approved, this one could count as two credits.

The 2021 Lion and Pillar Lodge of Excellence Program Platinum Award

To earn the Platinum award, you must complete one of the four choices above after first qualifying for the standard Lion and Pillar requirements on pages two through six. The application deadline is June 30, 2021.

  1. Starting July 1, 2020, and prior to June 30, 2021, a member or the installed senior deacon gives his first-ever Fellow Craft Degree lecture. This can be accomplished in his own lodge (preferable) or at another lodge within his district if his lodge experiences no such degree work during the qualifying period or by documentation with the District Deputy Grand Lecturer.


  1. Starting July 1, 2020, and prior to June 30, 2021, a member of your lodge conducts his first-ever Masonic graveside or memorial funeral service. This also can be accomplished in his own lodge or at another lodge within his district if his lodge experiences no such requests during the qualifying period or by documentation with the District Deputy Grand Lecturer.


  1. Starting July 1, 2020, and prior to June 30th, 2021 confirm 5% of all current lodge members are signed up for a recurring monthly gift to MHCO (https://my.simplegive.com/App/Giving/mhco) or MESH LLC (https://www.liveatwhitestone.org/donate/). Note that recurring gifts DO count towards Category 3, Item 1.


  1. 4. Starting July 1, 2020 and prior to June 30, 2021, participate, as a lodge, in a public ceremony, which brings Freemasonry to the public view and attention. Examples include: public cornerstone layings, public building dedications, etc. Examples of past events that would count toward this item include: 2015 rededication of NC Capitol, 2016 Vance Memorial rededication, 2017 rededication of Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Halifax Day, Thomasville Memorial Day celebration, or Masonic Unity Events that are public and approved by the Lion and Pillar Team.

To apply, submit the application on page 1 or write a letter of application listing the items your lodge chose to complete. Provide details about your lodge’s performance on or plans for completing each selected item. Send your letter to Past Grand Master A. Gene Cobb, Jr. at the address listed below or by email to gcobb@glnc.us. Recipients will be notified by Aug. 1 and will be recognized during Annual Communication in Winston-Salem.



To the Grand Lodge of North Carolina:

We went to work and now as the elected officers of ___________________Lodge # _______of

________________ submit the following information, completed and attached, as true and

accurate for this Lodge. We understand and agree that all items are subject to review by the

District Deputy Grand Master; Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education; Financial

Officers of the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, WhiteStone: A Masonic and Eastern Star

Community, and the NC Masonic Foundation; The Board of Publications; Appendant and

Concordant organizations connected to Freemasonry in North Carolina; and the Grand

Secretary; with final approval by the Grand Master. We agree to submit the form to:

M... W... A. Gene Cobb, Jr.

312 Bulkhead Bend, Carolina Shores NC, 27330

Email: gcobb@glnc.us

We understand that this request and checklist application MUST be submitted and MUST be

received no later than June 30, 2021, for consideration in the current year.

Signed by:

______________________________ Master _____________Date

_______________________________Senior Warden _____________Date

_______________________________Junior Warden _____________Date

_______________________________Secretary _____________Date

_______________________________Treasurer _____________Date

Download Application 2021_lp_application.pdf

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