Twenty-six lodges have qualified as a 2020 Lion and Pillar Lodge of Excellence this year, including 17 that achieved Platinum status.

The program, which began three years ago and was designed to honor lodges that actively promoted the Masonic tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth.

Requirements were announced, then updated with more virtual-based requirements, such as watching NCMF videos, checking out each charity’s website, etc., in April when the coronavirus pandemic forced lodges to go dark for months.

Here are Lion and Pillar lodge honorees for 2020:

Albemarle 703
Ashlar 765

Cleveland 202

Granite 191

Mingo 206

Shallotte 727

Statesville 27

Stokes 32

West Bend 434

Bula 409
Cannon Memorial 626

Carthage 181

Clemmons 755

Hibriten 262

William G. Hill 218

Thomas M. Holt 492

Kenly 257

Kilwinning 64

Lux Libertas 772

Mount Holly 544

Oxford 122
Pilot 493
Semper Fidelis 680

Steele Creek 737

Wilmington 319

Zion 81

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