MHCO Annual Report is on its Way

Lodges should be on the lookout for Making a Splash!, the new annual report from the Masonic Home for Children. The report has a bright, eye-pleasing new look and more graphics, making the content stand out and easy to read.

The focus of the 2019 Annual Report is the newly opened MHCO Aquatic Center, complete with special graphics and stats that show how the new pool built last year has changed everything for MHCO’s kids as we head into summer. The pool is slated to be opened Memorial Day weekend. State coronavirus closure restrictions do not apply to private pools.

There’s another change in the report. Lodge giving totals for the year will be sent out separately via email to lodge masters and secretaries this year, along with the regular monthly MHCO update. Questions? Contact MHCO at 919-603-3906 with questions.

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