A lot of work, battles against bad weather, clever planning and the generosity of Masons and their lodges have all paid off: the new pool at the Masonic Home for Children will be dedicated this spring!

The new pool and poolhouse replace a 30-year-old pool that had passed its prime.. An inspection of the pool built in 1988 showed that the shower and pump houses had aged beyond repair, decking was broken, and ladders were permanently disconnected. It just wasn’t safe anymore for the kids and the sad order came: Close the pool.

The MHCO board of directors, led by Chairman Dewey Preslar, joined with MHCO staff and kids last May 11 to kick off the “Make a Splash” campaign to raise $725,000 to build a new pool, a pool house, and add some fun new attractions – including a giant mushroom, a security fence, and a safe new slippery slide.

The new pool will have a “beach-type” zero-entry feature, meaning swimmers wade in rather than jump from the shallow end. There also will be a “splash pad” that takes the place of an old-school baby pool, complete with a mushroom-shaped shower, bubblers and fountains. T

The biggest change? The pool itself is in a new location, closer to parking and administration buildings, which will give swimmers quicker access to other campus activities.

Watch this space for details of the dedication. The MHCO board will be on hand for the first ceremony on May 10. The kids jump into the act - literally -- on May 11.

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