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Masonic Home for Children

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MHCO was founded by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in 1858 as St. John's College. Following the tribulations of the Civil War, St. John's College closed its doors. However, in the difficult social and economic times that followed the conflict, a need arose to care for orphaned children across the state. The College was reopened in 1873 as "an asylum for the protection, training and education of indigent orphan children."

Today, MHCO exists to help children who need a stable, caring and loving home. It does not replace a family. It teaches, guides and nurtures, focusing on life at and after MHCO, to help a child determine his or her own path for the future. This state licensed and nationally accredited home uses a family-living model that provides children with individual living spaces, essentials for daily living, support for special needs, and a promise of development and learning from infant to young adulthood.

MHCO’s mission is fulfilled through the support of charitable giving.


Kevin Otis


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School of Graphic Arts

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The school was envisioned in 1875 by John H Mills, superintendent of what was then called the Oxford Orphan Asylum. The School of Graphic Arts has grown over the years into an integral part of campus life as well as an important partner to the local business community.Since its beginning, many students have learned a valuable trade that they could carry into adulthood. The school – informally known as the “print shop” -- also takes in commercial business form local and statewide businesses.An equally important part of the mission is a partnership with the Craft. The North Carolina Mason is printed and mailed from here to some 35,000 subscribers, and many lodges and districts make use of print shop services.

The mission of the School of Graphic Arts is to provide an educational and vocational environment to any resident of the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford in the business of graphic arts and printing. Our staff also offers printing services to the home, the Masonic fraternity, businesses and individuals who wish to support our mission. Together we are committed to helping young adults develop a strong work ethic and the basic skills for surviving in a business environment.

Eddie Dickerson


North Carolina Masonic Foundation

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The North Carolina Masonic Foundation was established in 1929 to financially support and ensure the vitality of the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and WhiteStone: a Masonic and Eastern Start Community at Greensboro. Today, the Foundation also financially assists the Charles Edward Cathey Scholarship Fund, the Masonic Historic Preservation Fund, as well as the greater mission of fraternity to foster faith, hope, and charity across North Carolina. The Foundation is a 501c3, non-profit corporation and all contributions to it are tax deductible.

Contact information:

Jeffrey Hensley
Chief Development Officer

Dee Blake
Western Region Director of Development (Lodges in districts 22-42)

Chris Richardson
Eastern Region Director of Development (Lodges in districts 1-21)

Beth Grace
Director of Communications



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WhiteStone: A Masonic and Eastern Star Community


WhiteStone was founded in 1912 as a Masonic and Eastern Star senior community. It’s the first and oldest continuing care retirement community in North Carolina. It was the first Masonic fraternal home in the United States created solely to care for the elderly. Today, WhiteStone is open to everyone looking for a secure retirement in a comfortable, welcoming setting. The name derives from its first administrator, Mr. White, and the first couple to move into our community over a century ago, Mr. and Mrs. Stone.

Mark Lewis
Executive Director
Office: 336.547.2992 | Mobile: 330.618.5130
700 S. Holden Road
Greensboro, NC 27407


Masonic and Eastern Star Home LLC


The North Carolina Masonic and Eastern Star Home Foundation (MESH) is a special fund used exclusively to support seniors who are Masonic and Eastern Star affiliated. Your donation helps cover room and board, food, prescriptions and/or healthcare at WhiteStone for deserving brethren in need.

Jack Walters
Chairman, MESH LLC Board

Masonic and Easter Star Outreach Program


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MESOP, a partnership between WhiteStone and MESH LLC provides case management and support for Masons, Eastern Star sisters, and spouses/widows age 65 years and older.

Rebecca Gallimore
Outreach Coordinator
(336) 601-5593 or 1-833-853-1449
700 S. Holden Road, Greensboro, NC 27407