Maximize Impact, Secure Your Future: Introducing the North Carolina Masonic Foundation IMPACT Annuity

Discover a unique opportunity to support our mission both now and later, while securing guaranteed tax-favored retirement income for life. Here’s how it works:

  • The IMPACT Annuity blends a traditional Charitable Gift Annuity with an outright gift of annuity payments to our organization for a term of years.
  • Immediately benefit our cause by directing annuity payments to fund our pressing needs, using the IMPACT Annuity in Campaign mode to meet funding minimums for endowed funds or scholarships.
  • After the initial 3- to 5-year term, annuity payments begin for the annuitant’s lifetime.
  • Enjoy upfront charitable tax deductions based on standard CGA deductions.
  • Annuitants also receive yearly tax deductions for redirected gift annuity payments to charity.
  • Benefit from simplified reporting: donors receive a one-time receipt for the CGA deduction, while annuitants receive a 1099 for annuity income and yearly gift receipts for redirected CGA income to charity.
  • Donors can redirect multiple years’ annuity payments to charity, typically 3 to 5 years.

Explore the potential of the North Carolina Masonic Foundation IMPACT Annuity with our single-life rate chart:

Age at GiftAnnual PaymentStandard CGA Deduction

*Note: Deductions vary with IRS Discount Rate changes. Assumed rate: 5.80%. Charitable gift annuities are not investments or insurance and are not regulated by any state insurance department. Examples are for illustration purposes only and not intended as legal or tax advice.

Make an impact today with the North Carolina Masonic Foundation IMPACT Annuity. Contact us to learn more and secure your future while supporting our vital initiatives.

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