• Faith, Hope,
    Love & Charity

    It’s about brotherhood. It’s about fellowship. It’s about spreading light, sharing our gifts, giving to those who need a hand.

    It’s about Freemasonry.

    For almost a century, North Carolina Masons have gone about the business of endowing and growing two charities that protect children in trouble and senior citizens in need. Through the work of the North Carolina Masonic Foundation, our 33,000 brothers in 370 lodges from Murphy to Manteo have extended the hand of indissoluble friendship to thousands who have found peace and safety through the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and WhiteStone: A Masonic and Eastern Star Community in Greensboro.

    It’s about being a Mason.

    It’s about love.

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  • Grand Lodge & Other Scholarships

    At its core Freemasonry is knowledge. Freemasons are taught to seek 'light' or knowledge throughout their lives in order to build a better world for themselves and all humanity. And, there is no greater calling than to aid those who themselves are in search of knowledge.

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Welcome to the North Carolina Masonic Foundation

In 1929, a group of NC Freemasons had an idea. What if they created a foundation dedicated to funding the two Masonic charities in the state – for generations to come? It was an idea whose time had come. For more than 90 years, brothers with a gift for finance have grown and nurtured that original fund into a $80 million foundation that helps fund operations at the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and WhiteStone: A Masonic and Eastern Star Community in Greensboro. NCMF also financially assists the Charles Edward Cathey Scholarship Fund, the Masonic Historic Preservation Fund, numerous lodge-sponsored scholarship funds and works to further the greater mission of fraternity to foster faith, hope, and charity across North Carolina.

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Latest Headlines

June 1, 2021
Get your running (or walking) shoes ready for the second annual Grand Master’s Run, set for this fall. This statewide virtual event – with some cool new rewards for your participation
this year! – honors our outgoing Grand Master and welcomes the new. The run begins Sept. 24 with the opening of Annual Communication and runs through Dec. 4, the date of installation of our next Grand Master.
June 1, 2021
The Masonic widow didn’t know where to turn. Her husband had passed, she had no money … and a mortgage to pay off that she had not known about.
The brother was at wit’s end. His cancer was gone but the huge bills were not. How was he going to handle this and not lose his house? Another brother who suffered a debilitating stroke and lost his leg was denied disability. Who could he turn to for help in appealing a very bad decision? Who could he turn to? Who in the world would be willing to take his troubles on and help him out of a terrible fix? His fraternal brothers and sisters, of course.
June 28, 2021

NCMF is searching for a new Chief Development Officer! This is a great opportunity to help a foundation that has been supporting Masonic charities for almost 100 years! Interested in helping kids in trouble and seniors in need of services and housing? Check this out!