By Beth Grace

NCMF Communications Director

What’s in a name? For Worshipful Brother Bruce Ayres, name is important.

For one thing, where he lives – everybody knows his name. And he knows everyone else. At WhiteStone: A Masonic and Eastern Star Community, there are no strangers.

Some residents are brothers; some are sisters. But all residents are family, and they care for each other in kind.

The 19-year past master of Clemmons #755, who joined in part to make sure he one day would be eligible to live at WhiteStone, feels strongly about his home and its future.

He and his family have made WhiteStone their home – his in-laws moved here and lived happy lives for decades.

“My grandmother-in-law loved it here. She loved a long and happy life It made my wife and I want to live here,” he said.

Ayres and his wife, Patsy Livingston, have lived here for two years. His sister resides nearby in the Care & Wellness Center. Since he and his sister both suffer with genetic neurological issues, both were interested in planning for their medical futures. WhiteStone answered all needs, he says.

He also is very active at the home, through his lodge at WhiteStone and via the many committees that help keep the home a haven.

“Sometimes people come to committee meetings and ask why there are so many Masons on the committees,’ he said with a smile. “That’s because Masons work hard. Masons are important to this home and we know it.”

He is so committed to the future of the home he loves, he has become a strong donor and supporter of WhiteStone and its work. He wonders if you would consider doing the same.

He is among a growing number of Masons – and lodges – committing time and resources to supporting the WhiteStone expansion, a project in progress that will add much-needed rooms to the home’s Care & Wellness Center, memory care unit and independent living complex. A new pool for residents of the C&W Center also is in the works.

Through the North Carolina Masonic Foundation, the Campaign for WhiteStone has been working to raise funds for the project.

While WhiteStone operator Life Care Services is funding portion of the work, Masons have committed $1 million toward the fraternal/charitable side of the home. WhiteStone reserves space for Masons and Star sisters who are in need, have no home or have outlived their money. Those in need pay what they can, while Masonic charity covers the rest.

Lodges, brothers, residents and friends are committed to the expansion of the home they love. All around the state, lodges are hosting fundraisers dedicated to the Campaign for WhiteStone.

Residents gathered with the NC Masonic Foundation for lunch in June to pledge their support of the plan to increase the charitable services available to Masons and members of the Order of the Eastern Star.

There’s a way for you to leave your name, establish your own legacy at WhiteStone. Remember a loved one, a dear friend, or commit to your own legacy by naming a building, an apartment, a section of this top-notch senior care facility.

“I celebrate successes in life or when someone passes away, I send a gift to the North Carolina Masonic Foundation,” Ayres says. “Sending flowers to a funeral is a wonderful idea, but this is a great way to remember the people you love.”

If you have questions about the WhiteStone legacy opportunities contact Development Director Chris Richardson at crichardson@mfnc.org or call him at 919-690-5996.

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